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On-site and In-situ Machining

In-situ machining is carried out at our customers’ sites anywhere in the world. Benroc Engineering will send a team of highly skilled and experienced in-situ machinists to your site, install a machine tool onto your component and cut it to your new specification. Our versatile range of equipment can be configured to fit almost any project. We work closely with our customer to define exactly what is required and how we will go about the task.

Our in-situ services include:

  • Flange facing (single point cutting)
  • Orbital milling
  • In line boring
  • Journal machining and superfinishing
  • Stub shaft turning
  • Linear milling
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Stub shaft turning
  • Pipework weld prepping
  • Honing
  • In-situ surface grinding
  • Bespoke machining projects


Designing and Making Our Own Machine Tools

Benroc Engineering know that on-site machining is not always as simple as setting the up the machine and cutting the job. Sometimes bespoke machines are required to cut the component to new specifications.  Our engineering team has vast experience in designing, manufacturing and using specialist site machining tools.

We are happy to design and manufacture bespoke on-site machine tools to assist with all types of projects. If you are struggling to overcome a tricky machining operation or it requires a special tool to complete your project, we have the expertise to get the job done.

Machine tool design starts with a survey of our customers site and an in-depth discussion of what needs to be achieved. Using this information our engineering team will design a machine tool which is suitable to carry out the required task. The new machine tool is manufactured, assembled and tested prior to our site machining team attending our customers site and carrying out the machining operation.